My idea for what to expect in the Supercars update

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My idea for what to expect in the Supercars update

In preparation for the upcoming Supercar update, I thought I'd drop a few specs for the cars to be debuted sometime between now and likely Wednesday, although no actual day has been set by FM. I couldn't find either the braking distance or the skid pad rating for the Veneno. With the P1 however, I got both, although the skid pad rating varies from optimistic to downright unbelievable:

Lamborghini Veneno

Top speed: 221 mph or 356 kph

Acceleration (0-62 mph): 2.8 seconds

Mclaren P1:

Top speed: 217.5 mph or 350 kph

Acceleration (0-62 mph): 2.8 seconds

Braking distance (from 62 mph): 99.1 feet

Skidpad rating: Numbers vary from 2 G's all the way up to 3.9 G's!


I guess we'll find out the most reliable stats soon, but for now, this should give you a pretty basic idea of what to expect when these hypercars debut. As you may see, the PR rating will probably be slightly above that of the Lamborghini Aventador, and the Veneno is considered a competitor of the Ferrari F12 Fiberlinetta, so a PR rating near that is highly likely as well. This places the cars anywhere between 45-60 PR, but I think no higher or lower than that. 52 is the best guess I can give it. We can also (I think) expect these cars to be pretty expensive and probably at least one bought with Gold. Despite a relatively mediocre PR rating, I still expect these cars to be priced far above that of the Aventador and Fiberlinetta, considering their actual price, and also the relative prototype'ness (not a word) and novelty of the two cars.

Screenshots seem to confirm that the two cars will be in at least one major event together, also starring the Aventador and one of the Ageras. Since in this case, an Agera R as the competitor may be slightly OP, I suspect a stock Agera to be what to expect, but we won't know this for sure until the update is released.

Possibly the most exciting thing to be announced is REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER!! FINALLY! We as a community have been asking for this for a long time, and while FM had stayed characteristically silent about it, it would appear they're finally listening to the community and taking what we asked to heart. A blog-post about OMP by Firemonkeys can be found here.

Just a few guesses from the wording and phrasing of that speech:

Whether we'll ever get cross-platform multiplayer is still up in the air, but by specifically stating "Game Center", it sounds as if cross-platform compatibility is somewhere that FM is hoping to go. They really put an accent on player feedback, and trying to get things delivered to the community in a timely manner. It sounds to me as if they view this OMP debut as more of a "beta" and while it'll be here to stay, they meant to rush it to iOS so that they could iron out the bugs before releasing it for all devices. It is obvious from their "delivering on long term plans" that they definitely mean multiplayer to be released for all compatible platforms. What other plans they may have remains to be seen, except that there are some!

While they seem to stress the community being involved with feedback for OMP, I find it interesting that they have not released a surefire way to make sure they hear what we want. That may become more clear once the update is released, and I sure hope it does. For one, I'm curious as to how they'll avoid Agera R's racing against Nissan 350 Z's etc. The most sensible thing to me is to split it by PR rating, but once again, we'll just have to wait and see.

What do you guys think?

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