1.3.5: What I can't stand with...

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1.3.5: What I can't stand with...

After update to iOS7, I have to update my RR3 to current version due to problem with TSM and cloud save/restore. 

Obviously everyone hate 1.3.5. I can really feel the pain now.

PR, TSM bonus, clean race are all about FM's business. They want to make money... period.

DRIVE: ok yes, I think it's a little too much, but I can live with it. why? because time trial don't give me much R$ anyway

new HOOD VIEW: This is so stupid. why do they do that? now the view is so low and toward the front. It's not what the driver would see from the cockpit. at least they should have this view as new or a changeable option. put business aside, this is a negative change to the gameplay.

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