Six wheeled cars: Because four just isn’t enough

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Six wheeled cars: Because four just isn’t enough

Six wheeled cars: Mercedes G63 AMG, Kahn Design Flying Huntsman, Devel Sixty and Hennessey VelociRaptor prove four just isn’t enough: Six wheelers are the latest craze for the super rich petrolheads. And these monsters of the road are perfect if four wheels won't cut it

The second pair of wheels in the back make these cars look like military vehicles. Given the conditions of the roads (potholes, cracks, crevices, ruts, bumps) a military-grade vehicle is a better choice than a delicate sportscar. And for those who are seeking to compensate for some shortcoming a big, tough truck with lots of big wheels does a good job, much better than a sportscar.

I like the Devel best.

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