Josef Newgarden Bounty Hunter Event

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Josef Newgarden Bounty Hunter Event

So, do you think you can go faster around Road America than Josef Newgarden? There's currently a rivals event going on in FM7 where you get to go up against him. His gamertag is "JNRACERTPX2", and if you add him you can set him as your rival and go chase him down! Currently his time is 1:47.530, but that might change, and I'll post updates if it does.

There are two prizes to pick up  in this event, one for participating and one for beating Newgarden:

  • 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport, given to everyone who sets a time.
  • 1977 Holden Torana A9X Forza Edition, given to those who beat his final time.

Both of these cars are currently not available anywhere else in the game, so if you're interested in getting some rare cars, start lapping! Also, I find these events to be good for learning how to go faster. I'm currently ahead of Newgarden, but way off the pace of the faster drivers, so I might just have to do some more laps.

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