Apple Killed iTunes

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Apple Killed iTunes

Apple released a new version of iTunes (version 12.7) this week. The new version no longer supports apps. It is no longer possible to download or update apps into iTunes. It is no longer possible to see which apps one has downloaded or which ones are installed on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It is no longer possible to manage the apps on a device. In short: anything to do with apps is now impossible on iTunes.

Now it is necessary to download apps directy from the App Store into the device. And it is necessary to download the app into each device that is using it.

Apple did to iTunes what Coca Cola did to Coke when it introduced New Coke: the new product is not as good as the old product. CC quickly realized its mistake and returned Old Coke to the market. Will Apple do the same? My guess is that it will not, because Apple is messianic.

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