Unleash The Beast - Day 6

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Unleash The Beast - Day 6

Day on Mount Panorama. I'm having difficulty on goal 3 currently, but should be doable with R$ only

Goal 1 - 2 lap cup. If you can't catch Magnus going down the mountain on the first lap, you won't be able to tailgate him for enough time. 
Goal 2 - endurance. Had target of 10.1km
Goal 3 - 1 lap cup vs 3 bots. No issues winning, but just come short or target average speed. Skipping for now
Goal 4 - hunter. My target was 417m. I got 377m on only attempt. 
Goal 5 - 2 lap cup. Wasn't really trying. Came in 3rd on my only attempt. 

Reward $20,000/10 gold


Goal 3 - you need to have an average speed of 176kph coming out of the ess curve to lead intothe long descent down the mountain.
Goal 4 - after winning goal 3, my target in the hunter went up to 447.  Managed to get exactly 447m for the win.
Goal 5 - race ends immediately when you overtake Magnus

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