Formula E Discounts-May 2017

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Formula E Discounts-May 2017

As many may be aware, the 3 Formula E cars are going to be given away to all those that don't have it. There is also an upcoming 50% discount on upgrades and I was running the numbers and thought I would share. I already own all three cars with 2 of them at 18/29 and one of them at 10/29.

To complete Formula E Experience, currently at 81% completion only one of the 3 x cars will need to be upgraded to 634353 to meet the final PR req. Actually with the following body R$ upgrade, this path will get you 635353.

To complete the Formula E showcase  all 3 cars need to be 27/29.(635355). (-2 suspension)

Running the numbers with 50% discount figured in I need around 668-670 GC to get all cars to the req. PR for FES.

The rewards for that investment will be, in my case:

670-361 (30(FEE comp.)+31 (FES comp)+300 (FES Spons))=309 GC .nett. down.

Worth it? Dunno, but I got to spend it somewhere so I am going for it.

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