Parts/Paints/Rims/Livery - Wish List

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Parts/Paints/Rims/Livery - Wish List

I hope because we already have licenses from Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Peugeot that would entail we would also be able to get access to their respective aero kits, spoilers, livery from their in-house racing development programs such as HPD (Honda), Ralliart (Mitsubishi), Nismo (Nissan), PSA Groupe (Peugeot/Citroen)...

Regarding Aero kits (asthetics only, no changes to physics) - 2 styles can be offered for each car -
(1) OEM street aero package w/ Carbon Fiber hood as an option
(2) RACE Spec aero package w/ livery
*The livery could use the same decals accross the board w/ multiple color selections as options to make things a little easier for the dev's while still giving us room for individuality, think Gran Tuismo 1 when you upgrade to the highest weight reduction*

Regarding Spoilers (asthetics only, no changes to physics) - 3 styles can be offered for each car -
(1) No spoiler
(2) OEM spoiler
(3) Carbon Fiber race spoiler

Maybe the dev's could make this a IAP kind of thing? I know i'd gladly pay for something like this!

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